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Lightning surge protectors49S For Process control signal Series
Model Function
49SS-D4 4-20mA (series connection, Plug-in)
49SS-D3 24VDC/4-20mA (series connection, 3-wire plug-in)
49SS-TC TC signal (series connection, Plug-in)
49SS-TR RTD signal (series connection, Plug-in)
49SS-D1 On-off signal (series connection, Plug-in)
49SS-LF Pulse/Frequency signal (series connection, Plug-in)
49SS-SG Strain gauge signal (series connection, Plug-in)
49S Series


For standard signal line and Pulse use:
On/off level
Low frequency pulse
Power supply See detail spec. data sheet
Discharge current capacity 10kA
Remains Voltage See detail spec. data sheet
Response time Between lines: 1ns
Line to ground: 10ns
See detail spec. data sheet
Leakage Current See detail spec. data sheet
Construction Connected in series
Housing material Flame-resistant resin
Operating data Temperature:-40- +85
Humidity: 5- 95%RH
Display -
Resistance connect to ground 10
Connection M3 screw terminals
Approvals CE
Mounting 35mm DIN rail mounting
Dimensions W7 H106 D101mm
Weight 130g

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