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Isolated barriers58G Series
Model Function
58GU DC signal transmitter(Isolated, universal type)
58GM 4-20mA signal transmitter (Isolated)
58GS DC signal transmitter (Isolated)
58GO DC signal transmitter(Isolated, output to the field)
58GI On/off signal convert (Isolated, dual-output)
58GD On/off signal convert (Isolated, self-powered output)
58GN DC signal transmitter (Isolated, output to the field, loop powered)
58GC TC transmitter (Isolated)
58GR RTD transmitter (Isolated)
58GT Potentiometer transmitter (Isolated)
58G Series


Sensor input:DC, T/C, RTD,
Potentiometer, On/off level, Programable

Sensor output: DC, On/off level
Power supply 24VDC,48VDC,110VAC,230VAC
Construction Terminal block
Housing materials ABS
Dielectric strength 2500VAC@1minute
Accuracy 0.1%/F.S
See detail spec. data sheet
Operating data Temperature:-10 -+60
Display LED
Adjustment Front panel adjustments
2% for Zero and Span
Mechanical Connection Pluggable terminal block
Approvals EN50014/EN50020(EEx ia) IIC
Mounting 35mm DIN rail mounting
Dimensions W21.5 H108 D135mm
Weight 200g

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