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Signal conditioners↙Pluggable terminal block 59C Series
Model Function
59CS DC signal transmitter
59CP Current loop supply
59CH Current loop supply(Compatible with hart protocol)
59CXR RTD transmitter
59CXC TC transmitter
59CU Universal type
59CR RTD transmitter ,PC Programmable
59CC TC transmitter ,PC Programmable
59CT Potentiometer transmitter
59CF Pulse signal transmitter
59CI On/off signal transmitter
59C2I On/off signal transmitter, Dual-channel
59CNS DC signal transmitter , loop powered
59CNP 2-wire transmitters, loop powered
59CNR RTD signal isolators, loop powered
59CNC TC signal isolators,loop powered
59C Series


DC Voltage:
  -300 +300VDC
DC Current:
  0-50mA (Specify available)
  Pt100,Pt50,Pt10,Ni508.4,Cu50,Cu100 (Specify available)
  (PR),K,E,J,T,B,R,S,N (Specify available)
  Up to 10k次
Input resistance Current: Max.1000次 (Specify available)
Voltage: Min.10k次
T/C:30 K次
Output DC:
  -10- +10VDC (Specify available)
  0 -20mA (Specify available)
Load resistance DC Current: Max.550次
DC Voltage: Min.500次
Power supply 24VDC,10-36VDC,85-264VAC
Construction Terminal block
Housing material Flame-resistant resin
Dielectric strength 2000VAC@1minute
Accuracy ㊣ 0.10%/F.S See detail spec. data sheet
Operating data Temperature:-20 +55
Humidity:5- 99%RH
Display -
Adjustment Front panel adjustments
㊣ 2% for Zero and Span
Mechanical connection Pluggable terminal block
Approvals CE
Mounting 35mm DIN rail
Dimensions W18 ℅ H106 ℅ D111mm
Weight 120g

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