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Signal conditioners↙Pluggable terminal block, high-precision,Dual-channel K1C2 Series
Model Function
K1C2S DC signal transmitter,Dual-channel
K1C2P Current loop supply,Dual-channel
K1C2 Series


DC Voltage:
  -300 +300VDC
DC Current:
  0-50mA (Specify available)
  Pt100,Pt50,Pt10,Ni508.4,Cu50,Cu100 (Specify available)
  (PR),K,E,J,T,B,R,S,N (Specify available)
  Up to 10k次
Input resistance Current: Max.1000次 (Specify available)
Voltage: Min.10k次
T/C:30 K次
Output DC:
  -10- +10VDC (Specify available)
  0 -20mA (Specify available)
Load resistance DC Current: Max.550次
DC Voltage: Min.500次
Power supply 24VDC,10-36VDC,85-264VAC
Construction Terminal block
Housing material Flame-resistant resin
Dielectric strength 2000VAC@1minute
Accuracy ㊣ 0.050%/F.S See detail spec. data sheet
Operating data Temperature:-20 +55
Humidity:5- 95%RH
Display -
Adjustment Front panel adjustments
㊣ 2% for Zero and Span
Mechanical Connection Pluggable terminal block
Approvals CE
Mounting 35mm DIN rail
Dimensions W18 ℅ H106 ℅ D111mm
Weight 120g

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